Arcade Cabinet of Dr Caligari

For a interactive design course at VUW I made “The Arcade Cabinet of Dr Caligari” its based on the 1920 German Expressionist silent horror film. A fortune telling sleepwalker is inside my coffinesque arcade cabinet I made. As you get close to it his eyes open, and by placing your hands on the panel he tells your future.

It uses the Arduino and light and knock sensors as well as little buttons.

I’m doing a Digital Media Design course at Victoria University DESN
105b ( ), and have been just getting A+’s
which is surreal. But they want me to do basic architecture and
industrial design 100 papers before I can do second year papers which
I’m really not interested in. So I’m thinking about doing a couple of
basic programming lessons instead (to help with processing and pd)

I’m slightly embarrassed by the video editing now. And that I got some of the names confused. But the concept is good. Kind of steampunk like – more an 80’s/victorian mashup. Made in 2007.
I can’t remember what the brief was. Desn 105  at VUW Architecture and design.  Possibly something about interaction and public performance.
It used an arduino, a laptop a projector a light sensor (to sense if someone was near, so his eyes would open) and light buttons to randomize the displayed message. I used vvvv to programme it.

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