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Recent NMIT LMS update

Theme Change The new theme I selected has a fresher look that connects better to the NMIT colours, the changes are purely around colour and fonts and not interaction or changes of tool locations except for three new features: Accessibility…

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Writing Assessments

This is my quick and opinionated guide on how to write assessments for those new to the topic. Feel free to write a comment below if you feel I have missed anything. What is an assessment? This guide is interested…

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Add more instruction!

When doing course design, I am often developing over the work previously created by others. They can soon become overly cluttered with new material. The solution to many is to just provide more instructions or tutorials on how to use…

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Choosing the right graph

“If the statistics are boring, then you’ve got the wrong numbers.” ― Edward Tufte (pioneer of data visualization ) Bar-charts and pie-charts tend to be the most used charts, personally I am a fan of Venn diagrams. I wish I had this…

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The School of the future

This video on Twitter had quite an immediate visceral reaction, from its viewers. Perhaps with you as well. The responses on Twitter were very binary: “No, just no” “I haven’t seen a class of kids so engaged in my teaching…

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Student Blogs Proposal

Giving students their own digital domain is a radical act. It gives them the ability to work on the Web and with the Web, to have their scholarship be meaningful and accessible by others. It allows them to demonstrate their…

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SPATnz site

In this project I was given the brief to create a onepage introduction to selective breeding of Greenshell Muscles for SPATnz. It includes Interactive Videos, Interactive Graphics, a glossary and a timeline.

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Brooklyn School TV

In 2012 I worked with Year 7 and 8s to develop a weekly news show. I taught the key members how to green-screen, audio mix and do lighting. Then I stood back. (Well, not completely I still helped with their…

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