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Arduino Imperial March (via naneau) (Source: )

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I AM DISPLAY (by dada technology) (Source: )

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Code to make the 3 Colour LED change between red, green, blue, white. Put resistors between the pin inputs and the led pins. If you use the right resistors then the colours will be more precise.   // Use Resistors…

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Code: Using Servo motor

// Orange wire to Pin  9// Red wire to 5V// Brown to Ground #include <Servo.h>  Servo myservo; void setup() {   myservo.attach(9);  }  void loop() {   myservo.write(1);    delay(1000);   myservo.write(179);    delay(1000);   }

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Arduino – Servo Motors – Loop Actions (via metalx1000) (Source: )

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Some Quick Ideas

knock sensor (easy) ultraviolet pen with LED lights reading hidden messages LED Throwies Vibrating toy – rip apart an old toy and let it move LED Eyes in a robot – Cylon or KIT Light sensor and alarm for fridge…

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Code: Play Tune

/* * 8-ohm speaker on digital pin 8 created 21 Jan 2010 by Tom Igoe This example code is in the public domain. */#define NOTE_B0 31#define NOTE_C1 33#define NOTE_CS1 35#define NOTE_D1 37#define NOTE_DS1 39#define NOTE_E1 41#define NOTE_F1 44#define NOTE_FS1…

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Example: The Arcade Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (Source: )

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Example: Pandora’s Box (Source: )

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Example: Autonomous Blimp (Source: )

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Example: Autonomous Robot (Source: )

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