ArtSpark: Joy – Initial planning for Light Nelson Project

The initial planning for our Light Nelson piece called ArtSpark: Joy. A collaborative piece by Janja Heathfield, Kim Ireland and Burnt Pixel.


  • Mp3 Player- $2.50/ unit x 100 
  • Memory card- $1-2/ unit x 100
  • HP’s- $6.50/unit  x 100      

OR                                                                                                      OR

  • Hp’s- on board memory and radio x 100    

Structure       24 Linear M                 

  • Timber –    $25.50/6M  (Retail)   x  100 M     
  • Screen fabric – Drainage Liner $5/M –  x 30 M  
  • Fastenings     
  • 1& 2 Screens from Nelson Arts Festival     


  • USB charger banks      
  • Cabling                  
  • Miscellaneous
  • Contingencies  

Some AV cabling, power cabling, projectors, computers, cameras will be provided by us.

G102 has trusses with a power run that we can anchor projectors to. Which already have base plates. The room is white and the windows have screens allowing us to get away with a minimal structure of 27 linear metres.

We have gone with 100 audio units to allow for maximum numbers to pass through and allow for malfunctions or breakages.

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