My Basement Cinema

I love the experience of watching movies nearly as much as the movies themselves. In our new house there was enough space in the laundry area to build a small movie theatre. It had previously been a model railroad environment by the previous owner.

I had a in mind to design it as a movie theatre from the 1920’s that had been updated in the 1980s. Recreating my experience of cinema’s growing up. So that meant aspects of Art Deco and 80’s kitsch. So it had the twinkling fibre optic stars (based on matariki), a spotlight for the stage and lights that fade in and out. And most oiiportantly crapet that went up the walls.

The only things I didn’t get completed before we left the place was – branded tickets, neon sign and motorized curtains. The whole process of playing trailers, (fake) ads, lights fading, curtains pulling and intermission and foyer music and bell was to be automated too.

In our new eco-village I hope to recreate something again for the whole community, and make it really easy for people to select the movie they want to watch and to book it online.

Table of Contents

Planning Stage

Building Stage


Basement Movie Theatre – Google Photos

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