Christmas Software CD I gave out to friends.

_______Alan's CD Megamix________

Everything is freeware or Open Source!

Description of some of the files (Print this page):

	Adaware - Rids spy programs
	Registry Cleaner - Cleans pokey Info in registry
	Startup - Control What starts up and doesnt
	Tweakui - Change extra things

	Acid Loops - Make Music
	Metapad - Use instead on Notepad
	Morpheaus - Morph faces
	Star Office - Alternative to MSOffice
	WinMX - Napster alternative
	PhotoPlus - Photo Manipulation

	tbhide - Hide the line on taskbar
	Susd - change startup screens
	tclock - change start button

	For Acid Loops (beats etc)

Media Players
	Mp3, CD, Video players - My favourites (minimalism)

	ezthumb - make thumbnails
	google.reg - make google default search in IE.
	Outtray - minimize outlook to systray
	Winkey - cahnge settings for windows key
	VNC - Remote viewing of computers over internet
	Easymtu - Speed up internet connection

Hope you find them useful, like I do

Alan Proctor-Thomson


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