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A website for researching getting a laptop suite for Brooklyn School. An example of an early attempt to have 1:1 computer use. I think we managed to get a set for 1 between 2 students. I was also preempting the move towards BYOD. These little laptops were great because they could be used as cameras as well, and had longer battery life.


Mini laptops a hit with schools  News eSchool News The nearly 10,000 HP mini-laptops headed for the Fresno Unified School District (FUSD) in California this fall confirm the trend: K-12 schools are eager to put technology into the hands of every student, and a growing number of schools are bypassing full-sized–and more expensive–laptop computers in favor of scaled-down, low-cost machines designed specifically for kids. 
eee for middle/high school Forum Discussion I am the tech admin for a small middle/high school that is planning to completely overhaul our computers this summer. Ideally, I’d like to deploy about 60 2g eeepc’s school wide for next fall, ramping up to 200 or so (one per student) over the next two years. So far, I like what I see in the 2g eeepc I purchased to evaluate. 
3e PC in education Forum Discussion Actually, those things usually aren’t destroyed. They are salvaged for parts etc. and sold as refurbished goods. The real problem with notebook in education, is that most schools (at least the ones I’ve seen in United States) don’t know what to do with them (something tells me most of the bureaucrats involved in bringing laptops to schools doesn’t even know how to type). You’d also be surprised at how many people in educations treat children like perfidious liers and theives. Perhaps a product of circumstances rather than ill will, but the attitude is there. There are bunch of high schools in inner cities that lock up their notebooks in storage closets because they couldn’t trust the things to children. Most kids graduate without having touched the darned things. 
edubuntu – Linux for Young Human Beings OS edubuntu “Ubuntu” is an ancient African word, meaning “humanity to others”. The Edubuntu Linux distribution brings the spirit of Ubuntu to schools, through its customised school environment. The current version of Edubuntu is aimed at classroom use, and future versions of Edubuntu will expand to other educational usage, such as university use.  
eeebuntu – ubuntu specifically created for the Asus EEE PC OS eeebuntu Welded together in true A-Team style we have created a not-so-little iso distribution based on the latest Ubuntu version with couple of extras. It is available in two flavours. First is the compiz enabled gnome version as shown in the screenshot and the second is based on Ubuntu Netbook Remix packages. We are hoping to create a build that everyone can use along with the utilities to help make life with our little machines a little easier. 
California school district getting 1,000 Asus Eee PCs News Engadget Students in California’s Fresno Unified school district have a little something to be excited about this week, as officials have just invested $650,000 in 1,000 Asus Eee PCs, set for classroom deployment over the next few weeks.  
Current eeepc 900 NZ prices Hardware Pricespy $618.28 retail as of Sept 2008 
Current HP 2133b Mininote prices Hardware Pricespy $840.15 Retail as of Sept 2008 
Easy Guide to setting up the eeePC for use in Schools Tutorial Edugeek The eeePC can be configured with many versions of Linux but this section deals with how to integrate the OS that ships with it (commonly called eeeOS)  
EEPC 900 vc HP Mininote Review Gadget Zone WINNER – EeePC The Linux flavour of the EeePC 900 has the best combination of performance, price and functionality. It may not win in the style stakes, but it was designed to be sturdy enough to withstand prolonged daily usage. The Mini-Note goes to show that design isn’t everything in the world of the sub-notebook. The combination of Mini-Note and Windows Vista held back the performance despite its larger keyboard and storage space. At an asking price of $999 you’d want it to be perfect, which sadly it isn’t.  
Mini-notes compared at Wired blog Wired Since its October 2007 introduction, Asus’ small, low-cost Eee PC has become a sleeper success, selling more than a million units, according to its manufacturer. That success has prompted other manufacturers to announce their own mini-notebooks, including such mainstream PC manufacturers as HP, Dell and Acer. Intel also has proposed a standard for low-cost ultralights that it is calling “netbooks.” 

Purchasing Options

Parents purchase through prefered retailer, we install software Budgeting and finance offloaded May not be brought at same time, less cheap 
School purchases all laptops and then sells to parents  Control, and able to make sure everyone has one on time, includes support costs, and extra peripherals Need initial funding (alot) 
Use a finance company but we provide frontend No need for initial large amount of funding added cost 
Kids bring own laptops Cheap for some parents mixed computers are hard to support, Haves and Have nots 
Brooklyn Laptop Project

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