VR Project Finished today!

  • Made the entrance to the market 
  • Added the public toilet
  • Added the other school
  • Added the mural about recycling
  • added more life – with fans and moving train
  • Made an alleyway to the bus, with view of bus
  • Added all the background buildings that were visible
  • Returned the rubbish bins (with recycling options)
  • Returned the Tourism Information booth in the square
  • Fixed the culture center
  • Sorted out audio (only hear noises when close to train or fountain)
  • Made the citidal look a lot better (and added the ruins) 
  • Fixed the starting screens to be clearer and larger
  • Stuck up extra details (Remax sign, crime prevention poster etc)
  • More optimization
  • Fixed texture issues
  • Birds fly away when approached
  • Digital clock on council building now works

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